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SOLEN aspires to establish itself as a leading energy and utility infrastructure company by offering various solutions across the following business segments:

Utility Scale Solar PV

Utility-scale solar photovoltaics (PVs) take advantage of solar energy, using the large-scale installation of PV panels to capture and transform it into electricity. They operate at a utility-scale like conventional power plants but have dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Utility-scale solar PV has been generating reliable, clean electricity with a stable fuel price for decades. Developing utility-scale solar power is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon emissions and put any economy on the path to a clean energy future. SOLEN is aggressively pursuing the development of utility-scale solar plants in Africa.

Industrial rooftops

With rapid industrialization, energy consumption and requirements have grown globally at an exponential rate over the last decade. In Africa particularly, most of the industrial consumers face acute power shortages and hence survive on long hours of backup from diesel generators.

SOLEN is focused and committed to reducing the environmental footprint of distributed generation (DG) operations by integrating Solar Rooftop systems with or without batteries.

Utility Scale Battery Energy Storage (BESS)

Utility-scale battery storage plays a vital role in the global energy mix. It provides an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable generators – the intermittent nature of such technologies – offering a way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand. Integration of BESS offers several applications such as – frequency and voltage regulation, reactive power control, increased penetration of renewables, peak shaving, load leveling, and energy trading.

At SOLEN, we are working on a range of technologies that include – Li-ion batteries, sodium batteries, flow batteries for applications such as diesel fuel saves application, grid capacity augmentation, and peak shaving for the utility.

Bio-Energy Solutions

Sub-Saharan Africa has more than one billion hectares of land with potential for rain-fed crop production, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), of which less than one-quarter is being cultivated. Biofuels offer prospects of a new cash crop for farmers, increased employment in rural areas, reduced fuel import costs, and foreign exchange earnings. Liquid biofuels, such as ethanol, biodiesel, and solid biofuels offer huge potential to generate clean power and reduce CO2 emissions in the African market.

SOLEN has deep experience and expertise in evaluating the potential of biomass conversion to biofuel (solid, liquid, and gas) from farm residues as well as from dedicated energy crops. Being an organization of Technophiles, SOLEN is looking at multiple options to utilize crop residue and process waste biomass to soon add a biofuel energy generation portfolio to its power generation mix.

Green H2 / Ammonia

Hydrogen and Ammonia are envisaged to be the future fuels to replace fossil fuels. Production of these fuels by using power from renewable energy termed green hydrogen and green ammonia is one of the major requirements for environmentally sustainable energy security.

SOLEN has identified large-scale potential for Green Hydrogen in the African market and is currently in the exploratory stages of onboarding a technology partner to launch a pilot demonstration.

SOLEN strongly believes that Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in African economies and hence, we are working on promising H2 storage solutions such as Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) and power generation technologies that will transform the energy landscape of the market.